A little bit of history

"This game has totally taken over, never before have i played any PC games"
David Brown
Managing Director

Where did it start..

My very first VTC was a Company called Panther Haulage, it was from there that my passion started to grow, i started to look at how easy it was, and enjoyable to play along with other like minded people.


Getting the bug...

As time progressed and finding out all the in’s and outs of the game, things started to fall in place, and the Competitive edge started to come through.

where we are today..

After a short stint, but very enjoyable time at Lytham Longhaul, I decided to take the bull by its horns, and start my very own VTC, the rest is history as now I have a great VTC, and even carries a Danish division too.  This is all down to the 20 drivers dedication and love of the Game. My thanks go out to all our Drivers that help take the VTC what it is todayI

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